8232 Castel Garden Universal Blade Bolt, 38mm L/H 3/8" 24 UNF

Replacement part suitable for the following makes & models;

Castel Garden/ Champion/ Lawnking/ Sovereign/ Twincut

J92, J92 Hydro, JB92, JB92 Hydro, JBN92, JBN92 Hydro, JN92, JN92 Hydro, JP92, JP92 Hydro, JR92, JR92 Hydro, JRN92, JRN92 Hydro, JS92, JS92 Hydro, JSN92, JSN92 Hydro, JT92, JT92 Hydro, JTP92, JPT92 Hydro, JPTN92, JTPN92 Hydro, JUN92, JUN92 Hydro, JX92, JX92 Hydro, JXN92, JXN92 Hydro, NJ92, NJ92 Hydro, NJB92, NJB92 Hydro, NJR92, NJR92 Hydro, NJS92, NJS92 Hydro, NJTP92, NJTP92 Hydro, NJU92, NJU92 Hydro, NJX92, NJX92 Hydro

TC102, TC102 Hydro, TC122, TC122 Hydro, TCB102, TCB102 Hydro, TCB122, TCB122 Hydro, TCC12.5/92cm, TCC12.5/92cm Hydro, TCC12.5/102cm, TCC12.5/102cm Hydro, TCCC15.5/102cm, TCC15.5/102cm Hydro, TCC18/122cm, TCC18/102cm Hydro, TCP102, TCP102 Hydro, TCP122, TCP122 Hydro, TCR102, TCR102 Hydro, TCR122, TCR122 Hydro, TCS102, TCS102 Hydro, TCS122 Hydro, TCU102, TCU102 Hydro, TCU122 Hydro, TCX102, TCX102 Hydro, TCX122, TCX122 Hydro, TH102 Hydro, TH122 Hydro, TH4/102 Hydro, TH4/122 Hydro
TS102, TS102 Hydro, TS122 Hydro, TX102, TX102 Hydro, TX122 Hydro

XG140, XG140 HD, XG150 C, XG170 HD, XG175 HD, XHT220, XHT220 4WD, XHX240, XHX240 4WDE, XHX255 4WD, XT160 HD, XT170 HD, XT175 HD, XT190 HD, XT200 HD, XX220 HD, XX220 HDE, XX225 HD


Left Hand Thread
Thread: Ø 3/8" - 24UNF
Body Length: 1-1/4" (38mm) 

GHS Part No. 8232
REPLACES OEM 112735695/1

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