8012-1 Timberline Chain Sharpener

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener can be used on virtually all chainsaws. Most chains come in 3 standard sizes. Typically, chain size is relative to saw size. Larger more powerful saws use large chain and will be sharpened with large carbides while smaller saws use small chain and will be sharpened with small carbides. If you don’t know what chain your saw has look on the bar for the indicated chain size (pitch).

Sizing– Determined by chain pitch.

.404″ pitch chain =Large 7/32″

3/8″ pitch chain = Large 7/32″

“Stihl” Brand 3/8″ pitch chain = Large/Medium 13/64″

.325″ pitch chain = Medium 3/16″

3/8″ Low Profile ( LP, PICCO, micro, mini) = Small 5/32″

1/4″ pitch chain = Extra Small 1/8″


Carbides will last a minimum of 40+ Sharpenings, longer with careful use.

Enables manual sharpening in any location

Sharpens each tooth at the correct angle, length and height Benefits


Uniform sharpening Application

For virtually all professional or semi-professional chainsaws

Compatible with files for 3/8", 3/8" LP, .325" and .404" chains


Quick and safe sawing

Chain remains mounted on machine

Stamped and CNC-milled T6 aluminium block

Consists of

Sharpening device
Carrier bag
No 30° sharpening aid

GHS Part No. 8012-1
REPLACES OEM 793573831248