7479 Genuine Stihl Dirko Cylinder Head Sealant HT Tube Red 70ml

Genuine Stihl part suitable for the following models:

017, 017C, 018, 018C, 019T, 021, 023, 023L, 025, 029, 039
BC230, BC230 2-Mix


BG45, BG46, BG50, BG55, BG56, BG56C, BG65, BG66, BG72, BG75, BG85, BG86, BG86C

BR45C, BR200, BR350, BR430, BR450, BR500, BR550, BR600, BR700

BT45, BT120C, BT121, BT130, BT131, BT230, BT230 2-Mix

FC55, FC56C, FC70, FC72, FC75, FC85, FC100, FC110


FR85, FR85T, FR106, FR108, FR125SEA, FR130T, FR131T, FR135SEA, FR145SEA, FR230, FR230 2-Mix, FR230T, FR350, FR3900, FR410C, FR450, FR460TC, FR480

FS25-4, FS38, FS38 2-Mix, FS40, FS40C, FS45, FS45C, FS46C, FS48, FS50, FS50C, FS52, FS55, FS55 2-Mix, FS55C, FS55R, FS55R 2-Mix, FS55RC, FS55T,
FS56, FS56C, FS56R, FS56RC, FS62, FS62R, FS65-4, FS66, FS66R, FS70C, FS72, FS74, FS75, FS76, FS80, FS80R, FS81, FS83, FS83R, FS83T, FS85, FS85R, FS85T, FS86, FS87, FS87R, FS88, FS89, FS89R, FS90, FS90R, FS91, FS91R, FS94, FS94C, FS94RC, FS100, FS100R, FS106, FS108, FS110RX, FS111, FS111R, FS120, FS120 2-Mix, FS120R, , FS120R 2-Mix, FS130, FS130R, FS131, FS131R, FS200, FS200R, FS230, FS230 2-Mix, FS240, FS240C, FS240R, FS250, FS250R, FS260, FS260C, FS260RC, FS300, FS310, FS311, FS350, FS360C, FS380, FS3900 FS400, FS410C, FS450, FS460CE, FS460RC, FS480, FS490C, FS510C, FS560C

FT100, FT250

HL45, HL56, HL75, HL75K, HL90K, HL91KC, HL92C, HL92KC, HL94C, HL94KC, HL95, HL95K, HL 100, HL100K

HS 45, HS 45 2-Mix, HS46, HS46C, HS56C, HS72, HS74, HS75, HS76, HS80, HS81R, HS81RC, HS81T, HS81TC, HS82R, HS82RC, HS82T, HS85, HS86R, HS86T, HS87R

HT56C, HT70, HT70K, HT73, HT75, HT100, HT101, HT103, HT130, HT131, HT133, HTE60, HT-KM

KA85R, KA120, KA120R, KA250


KM55, KM55C, KM55R, KM55RC, KM56C, KM56RC, KM85, KM85R, KM90, KM90R, KM91R, KM94RC, KM100, KM100R, KM110R, KM111R, KM130, KM130R, KM131, KM131R



MM55, MM56, MM56C

MS150C, MS150TC, MS170, MS170 2-Mix, MS170C, MS171, MS171C, MS180, MS180 2-Mix, MS180C, MS180C 2-Mix, MS181, MS181C, MS190T, MS191T, MS192C, MS192T, MS192TC, MS193C, MS193T, MS193TC, MS210, MS210C, MS211, MS211C, MS230, MS231, MS231C, MS250, MS250C, MS251, MS251C, MS270, MS270C, MS271, MS271C, MS280, MS280C, MS290, MS291, MS291C, MS310, MS311, MS390, MS391

PC70, PC75

SH55, SH56, SH56C, SH85, SH86, SH86C

SP10, SP20, SP80, SP80K, SP81, SP85, SP85K, SP90, SP90T, SP92C, SP92TC, SP200, SP400, SP401, SP450, SP451, SP471, SP481, SPA65, SP-KM

SR200, SR450

WP230, WP230 2-Mix

GHS Part No. 7479
REPLACES OEM 0783 830 2000

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